Welcome to our premiere selection of glass and smoking accessories!  Midtown Direct is always friendly, fast, and efficient.  We know you can spend your hard-earned money anyplace.  We go the extra mile at every opportunity.  We want you to keep your locals flowing in our local and global economy.  We have won tons of awards, but who cares?  What matters is the feeling you have when you walk out of the shop holding your new smoking ritual tool(s).  We know you will be proud of what you got and from where!  We consider all smoking glass pieces to be ritual objects.  No, we are not driven by some far fetched fantasy about helping people with bongs.  We are passionate about the tools that help us all enjoy the fruits of life.  We are in this together.  Our experience is inclusive.  Welcome to the family!  We carry Oil rigs, Dry pipes, Bubblers, Water pipes, Ash Catchers, Dab gear, Vaporizers, Slides, Grinders, Extraction goodies, pollen boxes, and we have a full selection of Papers.

We have been hard at work co-founding the Eugene, Oregon glass scene into a viable industry.  We are proud to have represented the local glass blowers for 14 years and counting!  Thats over 5100 DAYS IN A ROW!